It’s not pronounced “Luppolaiò”. Or “Luppola-yo”. And “Luppolagio” neither. But simply ‘’Luppolaio’’. “Luppolajo” is a 19th century Italian word for hop field. It is the name we have chosen for our brewery because it best describes our brewing philosophy: to make beer starting from the work in the field. This is what we do. And we try to do it with an eye to the environment. Because if we make excellent beers, it’s also because our land allows it. That’s why we have installed a 20 kW photovoltaic system that allows us to produce the electricity needed for our brew kettle room, cellar, cells and also for our warehouse and offices.


We brew all our three beer ranges, using both cool and warm fermentation, with a hand-operated system consisting of two 12 hl double-boiling vessels. This allows us to personally oversee each stage of the brewing process and give a personal touch to each of our beers. Each step is closely monitored by our brewers through a complex alchemy of brewing theory applied in the conception of the recipes and the manual work that is carried out daily in the brew kettle room.


Our 130 hl cellar allows us to brew more than 1000 hl per year. Our fermenters, of different sizes and specifications, have been selected to enhance each individual brewing method and allow us to adopt different brewing techniques according to the type of beer being brewed each time.


Our beers, packaged manually, are all re-fermented in kegs or bottles at the end of an ageing period that varies from three to six weeks. Once the re-fermentation process is complete, the beers are ready to be labelled and stored in a cold cell at a temperature of 4 degrees.


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