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Christmas beer


Style: Winter Seasonal Beer
Top Fermentation
IBU 30 Average Bitterness
Plato 17°
Alc 7.5% Vol
Serving Temperature: 12°C
Glass: Tulip glass


Matching: Cotechino with pearà (typical sauce).
Cookery match-ups: candied fruits, chutneys, Christmas spices, ripe cheeses.


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Product Description

A clear, golden yellow beer with a white head.
Warm, spicy, citrus and light honey hints; a floral touch completes its Christmas bouquet.
A sweet taste, but which immediately gives way to a slight bitter end.
A beer born from the friendship between two brewers: Enrico of the “Luppolajo” and Nicola of the “Birra del Nani”, who joined forces and knowledge in order to
create a unique, spicy, warm beer, excellent for drinking with the typical sweets of our Christmas tradition.
The barley malt used is 100% Italian, cultivated and cared for in our farm; the Saaz type of hop is one of
the noblest and most delicate which can be found, and among its spicy flavours we can pick out ginger,
chamomile and cardamom, accurately measured to find the right balance. To enjoy this special seasonal
beer at its best, we suggest a wide tulip glass, a serving temperature higher than 10°C and the company of friends and family!