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“Now i know what love is”


Style: IPA
Top Fermentation
IBU 35 Average Bitterness
Plato 13.0°
Alc 5% Vol
Serving Temperature: 8°C
Glass: Pint glass


Matching: Salmon Tempura, apples and late-growing radicchio with raspberry vinegar.
Cookery match-ups: red meat, salmon, late-growing radicchio from Treviso, mussels, red berries, pink lady or Fuji apples.


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Product Description

A golden, English-inspired beer, fine grained ivory head.
Citrus, apricot, herbal and resinous hints.
An initially sweet taste, but bitter at the finish.
Certainly a beer born from the passion for hops and its scents.
When there were no refrigerators and sea voyages lasted for months, the only way to enjoy a home beer away from home was to increase the
alcohol content and the amount of the hops, so it could last for months at sea without going sour.
This is how Indian Pale Ales were born.
Today, we have created this engaging and refreshing beer, rich in unique and pungent scents, thanks to our malt,
together with well water which is particularly suitable for this kind of beer, and American and Slovenian Cascade and Dana hops.