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Beer with 12% Monterosso grape must


Style: IGA
Top Fermentation
IBU 8 Low Bitterness
Plato 15°
Alc 5.5% Vol
Serving Temperature: 7°C
Glass: Snifter/Tumbler


Matching: Mascarpone cream, caramelised butter crumble and strawberry flambé with rum.
Cookery match-ups: fruit and custard, butter and shortbread biscuits.


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Product Description

A beer obtained by mixing barley malt and Monterosso grape musts.
A delicate hop and a Belgian yeast enrich the bouquet of this complex and original beer with fruity and spicy aromas.
White and abundant head. Clear and opalescent beer.

On the nose, hints of white wine, floral, fruity, spicy and grain nuances. The taste is fresh, sparkling, sweet but with a slight acidity.
The first style of beer officially recognised as Italian.
The perfect union between the art of brewing and local raw materials.