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“Every dog has his day”

Style: American IPA
Top Fermentation
IBU 23 High bitterness
Plato 17°
Alc 7% Vol
Serving Temperature: 10°C
Glass: Pint glass


Matching: Spelt soup with chutney beans. Sautéed leeks and chicory (puntarelle)
Cookery match-ups: beans, chicory, wild herbs, fat goat cheese, game.


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Product Description

A mahogany-coloured beer with a cream coloured, abundant and persistent head.
Rich in hops, with hints of citrus, tropical fruit, ripe fruit; toasted notes which strengthen the complex structure of the beer.
Initially sweet which immediately gives space to a long, lingering bitterness in the mouth.
A beer for enthusiasts and for anyone looking for strong flavours.
There are no half measures: you either love it or hate it!

This beer was born as a challenge between a bitter taste and a full body. To find this balance, we “exaggerated” with the hops and carefully selected the malt.
The hops we use come from Japan (Sorachi Ace), from the US (Chinook) and New Zealand (Pacific Jade).
Together with our basic malt, a bit of crystal, special B and Cara red they are what we needed to find the perfect balance.