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Flavoured with “Balsamita Major”
Style: Bitter/Herb
Top Fermentation
IBU 23 High medium bitterness
Plato 9.5°
Alc 3.5% Vol
Serving Temperature: 7°C
Glass: Altglass


Matching: homelettes with nettles or wild asparagus. Bitter “tortello” of Castel Goffredo De.Co. Refreshing and thirst-quenching on its own.
Cookery match-ups: wild spring herbs, white meat flavoured with honey and herbs.


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Product Description

An amber beer with a fine head. Herbaceous fragrance of mint, chamomile and tea with a finish of crusty bread.
A bitter taste and thin body make it easy to drink and very refreshing. How to combine beer and territory?
This beer is our answer! In it you find the malts produced by our farm and the aroma of “balsamita major”, the Queen of plants in the cuisine of Castel Goffredo.
Actually, in England until the sixteenth century, when hops were not yet used, this is the plant that was added to give beer its bitter taste and aroma.

This is why we chose to make a basic “Bitter”, a beer made in the ancient Anglo-Saxon style, light and with a low alcohol content.
The challenge was then to find the right balance of hops and bitter Herb, balancing it to the body of the beer; it was a real headache, but in the end we believe we have succeeded!
Here is a beer that is born from its land, but whose roots go much further back.