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Russian Imperial Stout


Style: RIS
Top Fermentation
IBU 65 High bitterness
Plato 20°
Alc 8.5% Vol
Serving Temperature: 15°C
Glass: Pint glass


Matching: hot parfait of caramelised chicory. Liquorice salt and
granita of 80% cocoa from Ecuador.
Cookery match-ups: over 72% dark chocolate,
liquorice, coffee, caramel.


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Product Description

An ebony coloured beer with a fine and compact cappuccino-coloured head. Well balanced hints of
coffee, chocolate and liquorice. Sweet at first and then bitter, with a very full body.
This beer was born in London during the eighteenth century for export to the Russian Tsar’s court. Its high
alcohol content distinguishes it from its lighter sisters and allows its storage and ageing.
Certainly not an easy beer to produce for a brewer, as it is difficult to find the right balance between its
aromas and the taste. It must be velvety in the mouth, but like all beers it must not tire, but encourage a
second sip. Our interpretation of this historical style tries to walk along this razor edge of balance.