The “Luppolajo” Craft Brewery is classified as an “Agrobrewery” and brings together a passion for craft beer and long experience in the cultivation of cereal crops that has been passed down from generation to generation for the more than a century at the Treccani commercial farm. The beers of this craft brewery are produced mainly from cereals sown and harvested by the family, the finest hops and selected yeasts, essential ingredients to obtain a craft beer that evokes our land with a wealth of unique sensations.

Why Luppolajo? Luppolajo means the field of hops. Not everyone may know that hops have had a short but intense history of cultivation in Italy since the middle of the 19th century. The influence of Austro-Hungarian rule led to the construction of various craft breweries, accompanied by the appearance of pioneers who developed the “luppolaj” to the point they won acknowledgement for the quality in Germany. With the same spirit as those trailblazers, we are venturing into the complex, fascinating cultivation of hops, a noble plant still little known in Italy. In the coming years, we hope to reach the ambitious goal of creating a completely Italian variety!