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Craft Brewery


The Luppolajo is a craft brewery (agrobrewery).

Located in the province of Mantua, it produces craft beer with the devotion and passion of a true master.
The Luppolajo craft brewery uses only natural ingredients and, with the introduction of the “agrobrewery”, barley and hops grown in the beer’s land of origin. This approach and these key production decisions contributed to the creation of a quality of craft beer that is unique of its kind and absolutely unrepeatable.

With restaurants, wine bars and distributors among its customers, this craft brewery has developed over years by listening to the demands of the market and conducting continuous research in order to create new aromas and meet the expectations of consumers.
Indeed, Enrico Treccani, the owner of the craft brewery, specialises in an extremely intelligent form of beer production; the main types satisfy the connoisseurs, enthusiasts and beer drinkers alike, delighting their palates with intelligently created essential aromas, finessed through meticulous research and intended to last.

The craft beers produced by this wonderful brewery:



The LUPPOLAJO craft brewery in Mantua for a unique craft beer.


Shop opening times

Saturday from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00.

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